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Orange County Black Caucus

Black delegates attending the Florida State Democratic Party Convention in 1981 in Hollywood, Florida were alerted to the need for increasing the power and influence of Black Democrats within the party. A decision was made at the Convention to unite Black Democrats throughout the State. That resulted in the organization of the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida. History was made on September 24, 1983, when the Florida Democratic Party recognized the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida as an official affiliate organization

The mission of the Orange County Democratic Black Caucus shall be to raise overall social, economic and political awareness in Orange County, be an Advocate for Blacks, support the elected and appointed Democratic officials in the County and offer outreach to all demographics and classifications of Blacks


  • Sustain, Maintain and Gain Black Power - Economical, Political, Social, Educational  
  • STAND UP for the voiceless and bring their issues to the forefront 
  • Voter Education and Mobilization of Blacks
  • Get Black issues addressed to the Orange County Democratic Party
  • Establish LOYALTY amongst active Democrats
  • Get NPA voters converted to Democratic Party
  • Get more Blacks active and vocal with local Democratic Executive Committee (D.E.C.)
  • Groom potential future leaders and influencers – work on succession plans
  • Use latest technology to spread messages and bolster activism


  • Audit  
  • Budget and Finance 
  • Bylaws
  • Campaign
  • Conference Management
  • Legislative Activities
  • Membership Development
  • Public Relations
  • Ways and Means


To become an ACTIVE voting member and enjoy the privileges of full participation in programming and decision-making, a $55/$30 annual assessment is required with fiscal year beginning January 1st.  The Black Caucus is not exclusionary by means of race, ethnicity, gender, preference nor religion. All registered Democrats who subscribe to Caucus objectives are invited to join. Membership Dues can be paid online, or by mail with application (below) and check/money order