Orange County Democratic Black Caucus

Good Morning ALL,
The races for Florida Governor and Senate are coming down to less than a half percent, this means recounts will be underway. There are many ballots that need to be "cured" that is, vote by mail ballots that weren't signed or had mismatched signatures need to be fixed via affidavit from the voters. We only have until 5 pm TONIGHT to do so.
If you are available to help in this activity TODAY, we need Volunteers to report to one of several locations in Central Florida

Seminole County:
138 Wilshire Blvd Casselberry, FL

Orange County:
1612 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL

Osceola County:
104 Church St, Kissimmee, FL

WE NEED ALL HANDS ON DECK. This effort will involve canvassing, calling, texting and doing everything in our power to reach those voters to make sure every vote is counted because this will come down to the very last vote. Please bring your laptop/tablet to help as well. In Orange, we have about 250 provisional ballots to chase, 265 in Seminole, and in Osceola about 80. These are county-wide numbers so it's likely these voters are very spread out.
I cannot promise a victory will come out of this, but we've come too far to give up now and we need to fight to the end.
The complete list of filed office sites across the state is above. If you or friends are in another area, the same activity is going on!

One last shot to #BringItHome Let's DO IT!